New Era Gallery Late Summer Show

Summer Fog Indian Creek“Summer Fog, Indian Creek,” oil on canvas, by Elaine Austin Crossman

New Era Gallery’s late summer show will open on Saturday, August 8, featuring the work of three landscape artists; Olena Babak, Elaine Austin Crossman, and Judy Taylor. The Windy Way Barn will feature work by photographer and writer Torie Olson, and the continued installation entitled “Escape” by Alison Hildreth.

Babak and Taylor are showing work at new Era for the second time, having first appeared as part of the Katahdin invitational show. Both artists travel extensively, painting on location around the state and around the world. This show will focus on works created during a painting intensive on Vinalhaven in June. Gallery Director, painter, and year-round island resident Elaine Austin Crossman will show images of the island in all of its seasons.

Torie Olson photographs indigenous cultures around the world, and writes of her experiences. She will be a part of the “6 Writers Read” program on Wednesday, August 19, while her photographs are on exhibit in the Windy Way Barn. Alison Hildreth’s installation on the subject of bats will continue through September.

“Late Summer 2015” will run through Wednesday, September 2. The Gallery is located at 60 Maine Street, Vinalhaven. Gallery hours are Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. & Sunday 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  For further information call 207-863-9351, or visit