First-ever Bucksport Art Festival on Aug. 15!

map2Bucksport Arts Festival is one of many events being held this summer that highlights Bucksport’s waterfront and downtown area, and hopes to bring new life to the community through arts and cultural events. Fine artists and craftspeople will line the shores of the waterfront on Saturday, August 15 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. In addition to the artists, food vendors will be located alongside the town marina, and will offer sweet and savory goodies for all to enjoy. A bluegrass band will also perform live on the waterfront from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Artist Renee Lammers has been living and creating in Bucksport since 2010. Her artwork, while stunning, is also unique in that she paints with oils on copper metal panels. Inspired by a 17th century painting she admired at the Boston Museum of Fine Art, Renee has spent years perfecting the technique and sharing her craft with other artists. She creates beautiful works of art that will now last lifetimes thanks to the chemistry between oil paints and copper.

Across the river, artist Sarah Koelbl creates sculpted wire jewelry from found objects. Her studio, Sojourn Curiosities, is full of fragments of old china, sea glass, twigs, and shells—all stored in Sarah’s “cabinet of curiosities”, a bright yellow map file cabinet organized by colors and origins. She gathers the materials from a few favorite locations, presumably somewhat near her home and studio, but Sarah keeps her “spots” a closely guarded secret. She uses these found objects, along with wire or other bits of metal, to weave together a story often inspired by nature with color palettes that reflect the changing seasons.

china fragments2

Sarah Koelbl uses these found pottery/china fragments in her jewelry.

These women are just two of the talented artists and craftspeople that have registered to be part of the first Bucksport Arts Festival, which will be an annual event. Both Lammers and Koelbl and are excited to have an event of this kind coming to the waterfront. Lammers describes Bucksport as “the perfect location for an artist to live” and recognizes that despite some recent hurdles, Bucksport is “going to be a thriving town.” Her business, Lammers Gallery, is located on Main St. with Penobscot Bay in its backyard—an important feature to Lammers since she enjoys painting outside and takes daily walks on the beach with her dogs.

It’s hard not to look at Bucksport and see the next Belfast, Camden, or Rockland. Situated on the beautiful Penobscot Bay–within a half hour drive to Bangor, Belfast, or Ellsworth—Bucksport is perfectly positioned to become a destination for artists. Koelbl hopes the town can continue to feel small and welcoming, while offering venues for artists to display their works and encouraging more business and tourism. She sees Bucksport as a place where people choose to stop and spend their time, and is encouraged by the creativity that residents and the Town have already begun to show this summer in the wake of the mill closure last December.

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