Woman Artists celebrated at Haynes Galleries

Alicia Ponzio “In a Still Field,” Bronze on Black Granite Base, 51 x 40 x 20 inches

As part of its summer exhibition schedule, Haynes Galleries is pleased to present “Celebrating Art of Women by Women.” The exhibition will present paintings, drawings and sculptures of women by women artists. It was inspired by Women Painting Women, an art group and website that promotes contemporary women artists that paint in the figurative tradition.

The exhibit will be on view from August 14 to September 19 at Haynes Galleries at 91 Main Street in Thomaston, Maine. An opening reception will take place the evening of August 14, from 5 to 7:30 pm. The exhibition and reception are free and open to the public.

This will be the second time Haynes Galleries has hosted an exhibition of Women Painting Women artists. The first, presented in the summer and fall of 2013, was received with such enthusiasm from artists and collectors that this second show was soon planned. With an expanded roster of participating artists and a host of new works, this show is bound to surpass the first in depth, craft, and beauty.

“These artists are redefining what it means to be a woman artist working today,” says Gary R. Haynes, gallery owner. “They are tackling themes, challenging preconceived notions, and forging new paths. But they each have their own distinct voice.”

Sophie Ploeg’s love of art history, particularly Dutch portraiture, means the past plays an important role in her paintings. But she uses this inspiration to explore modern sensibilities and themes. In The Guest, a woman pulls a lifelike mask away from her face revealing her own features, a clever and thought provoking commentary on the many faces women must wear.

Whether in clay, plaster, or bronze, Alicia Ponzio’s sculptures never fail to amaze. Classically trained at the Florence Academy of Art, Ponzio understands the human body and manipulates it to create visually stunning and emotionally rich sculptures. Her latest works will appear in “Celebrating Art of Women by Women” including In a Still Field, a single nude bronze elegantly bounding through space.

As a mother of 4, Catherine Haverkamp explores themes of motherhood and children growing up in her paintings. Lion Heart, a portrait of one of her children, is an image of a girl on the verge of womanhood, looking towards her unknown future and facing it head on.

As she paints, Cindy Procious strives to faithfully depict what she sees and what she feels. Dreams of Nereid, Procious’s contemporary take on a mythological sea nymph is as much about the female form and play of light underwater as it is about weightless elegance.

Showing at Haynes Galleries for the first time are Teresa Oaxaca and Tina Spratt. Oaxaca’s elaborate paintings combine the figure with still life elements. Frequently the compositions and accessories are spontaneous with the specific model occupying a certain idea in Oaxaca’s mind. The finished work like Summer is then a bold mix of colors, costumes, instinct and intuition.

Tina Spratt exclusively paints the female form. Her paintings are glimpses of intimacy and fleeting moments when a person is unaware of being observed. The ambiguity of her scenes, like Unmasked, ask the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions and evoke an emotional connection with the model.

“Celebrating Art of Women by Women” is much more than just a collection of paintings, sculptures, and drawings by women artists active today. It’s an exhibition of provocative, compelling, and engaging art that covers the variety of issues that affect women today. There’s no single voice but rather a conversation of interested parties, a conversation that is only happening at Haynes Galleries.

Haynes Galleries is located at 91 Main Street, in Thomaston. For more information, email garyhaynes@haynesgalleries.com, call (615) 430-8147 or (207) 354-0605, or visit www.haynesgalleries.com.