America Martin returns to Carver Hill Gallery

“Barefoot Woman & Wallpaper,” by America Martin

Artist America Martin returns to Carver Hill Gallery, 338 Main Street in Rockland, for her fourth solo show, opening on First Friday, August 7, 2015, from 5 – 8 PM. Her last solo show was two years ago.

America Martin is 35 years old, and widely collected internationally. After early success as a Hollywood actor, a precocious Martin declared that “she was an artist” before she hit two digits old. At age 9, she discovered a book on Van Gogh at a yard sale and the creative floodgates opened. Her bedroom was transformed into an artist’s studio, and she began devouring the paints in school like life support. Major creative forces around her were responding to her work, and art collectors and big names in show business were supporting it. Martin has not disappointed. She has a fierce work ethic and unquenchable thirst for learning. She can be found listening to everything from contemporary music to Winston Churchill lectures while she paints. All of it makes its way into the work in one form or another.

“America Martin’s work, past and present, is a welcome assault on our senses, and with each new piece she seems determined to raise the stakes, blitzkrieging any assumptions we might impose or any containment we might devise. Not one who glares or gloats or rails… her greatest tool is reflection, and through intense observation she finds enrichment in the common, fulfillment in the flawed and joy in complexity – all of which is transmuted onto canvas and paper where it lives in human figure and form.”
Art critic Stacy Davies

The work in this show has quiet complexity. Though the colors are frequently bold and the line-work strong, the paintings have a way of calling attention to themselves without breathing all of the air out of a room. The figures are not necessarily identifiable, but even without knowing who they are, America absolutely captures something in their gaze and gesture that one might assume is the essence of who they are. Portraits and figure paintings can feel un-actualized, but there is an undeniable intention in America Martin’s work to connect on a human level.

“In this show I will be exhibiting large works in oil & acrylic on canvas – using bold colors and line to communicate the essence of the subject, but always leaving enough room for the viewer to engage, and allowing the piece to be discovered. I look forward to attending the show to rediscover friends, more hikes and low tide magical moments that this part of the country has to offer.”

The gallery will also feature several new works on paper in this show, from smaller works to paintings as large as 7 feet. Show runs through September 1, but Martin is a represented artist at Carver Hill and will be on exhibit upstairs through the fall.