Dive in with “Surf Impressions”

EbbSurf Impressions: Ebb & Flow in the Tidal Zone is 4th in a series of 7 exhibitions at Black Bear Fine Art in Ogunquit. This current exhibition highights works of two seacoast artists, Alex deConstant and Jeffrey Fitzgerald. Both will be presenting new works in the form of color woodcuts and abstract paintings respectively.

Alex deConstant says, “Throughout my life I have been drawn to the inherent graphic quality of the woodcut. To depict movement from a stagnant material while balancing aspects of atmosphere and color is very challenging. The time consuming technique of reduction woodcut is multi-faceted; many levels of thoughtful planning and improvisation result in the finished image.”

Jeffrey Fitzgerald notes, “I live and work on the seacoast of Maine. My paintings are about the physical and emotional energy of the ocean and coastline. The images are also about canvas, brushstroke and composition. The paintings find a balance, story, and power between the creative process and world I see.”

Black Bear Fine Art is located at 309 Shore Road. For more information, call (207) 646-7278.