Stadler Gallery exhibits work of Cirillo + Yamin

Elizabeth Yamin’s “Crosscurrents”

Stadler Gallery for Contemporary Art in Kingfield has two new August exhibitions with works by Sandi Cirillo from Searsport, Maine, and Elizabeth Yamin from New York City. The exhibition is on view through August 27.

”Fiber Fantasy” is the title of Cirillo’s show, in which she explores and develops new techniques in her field, most recently what she calls fiberscapes which are smaller pieces that emphasize various textural elements and encourage a closer look to see all the details.

“Working the River” is what Yamin names the series of paintings on display that are inspired by her long-time studio location at the waterfront in Brooklyn, New York, where she captures the abstract qualities of the objects in her view. On Aug. 29, Ed McCartan and Jackie Melissas will be the featured artists in “Paint and Clay,” a show that will run through Sept. 20.

The gallery is located at 225 Main Street. For more information, visit or call (207)265-5025.