“Celebrating the Year of the Sheep” with Nina Fuller

Running Lambs-cafeNina Fuller’s “Running Lambs”

A special feature of photographic images “Celebrating the Year of the
Sheep” by Nina Fuller of Hollis, Maine will open on Thursday, August 27 at
Sylvan Gallery in Wiscasset. The reception with the photographer will be
open to the public on August 27 from 5 to 8 p.m. The exhibition will
continue through September 27, 2015.

In this body of work, Fuller’s focuses on the Scottish Blackface Sheep
that she raises on her farm in Hollis, although at times other farm
animals including horses, donkeys, and goats capture our attention as
well. Fuller’s photographic images are visually compelling, personal and
sensitive. She describes her life on her farm and her relationship to her
work in the following artist statement:

“I have been a photographer for over forty years, a shepherdess to some
forty Scottish Blackface Sheep for only five years.  In the years that I
have raised sheep on my farm in Hollis, I have fallen in love with every
aspect of it.  It’s not all cute lambs and beautiful faces, there is
tragedy in farming livestock that can bring you to your knees.  Maybe this
makes the beautiful parts even more beautiful.

Farm Worker-cafeNina Fuller’s “Farm Worker”

In “Farm Worker,” the photograph of the young man in the barn was taken
during the gathering of the sheep for their shots.  It’s a treat to have
people come help because it’s hard on my back and most importantly I am
able to photograph activity with sheep and people.  Most of the time I am
alone, with the sheep, the light, the barn and my camera.

All of these photographs include the animals and me.  In “Roy (the Goat)
and Casey,” Roy looks at me as if he has a question, probably wondering
where his cracker is.  In “Running Lambs,” I was in the center of the
field while the lambs ran around and around me.  In “Bernadette and her
Lamb,” Bernadette looks at me with that strong mother instinct to protect
her young lamb. I love the tiny horns on the lamb compared to
Bernadette’s mature horns.  “The Gathering” is of the horses in the snow
with the sheep, and Emma, the Merino, pops her head up to see what I am
there for.”

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