Paintings of Farrell + Ineson Highlighted This Season

Farrellnesting loon2Peggy Farrell’s “Nesting Loon”

Among the many fine artworks at the Pemaquid Art Gallery this year are watercolors by Peggy Farrell and oils by Hannah Ineson, both familiar artists in the midcoast area.

Farrell is most inspired by the coastal scenery that is typified by the landscape around her home in New Harbor. While quaint fishing villages, harbor scenes and old barns have provided a focus for much of her work, she also enjoys painting flowers and, more recently, birds and animals.

Farrell is drawn to watercolor partly because she enjoys painting quickly – she likes “the finality of one stroke in a painting.” Her work is colorful, and she feels “there is a strong human response to color and it reflects and affects our moods.” In painting birds and animals, she has learned from instructor Julie Babb (another Pemaquid Art Gallery member) to use gouache, an opaque watercolor medium that allows the fine detail necessary to paint feathers and fur.

InesonRocky Coast2Hannah Ineson’s “Rocky Coast”

For many years, Hannah Ineson was primarily known for her watercolors, which were featured subjects of note cards sold by L.L. Bean and other outlets. She is a long time watercolor instructor and teaches classes in Maine and Florida, where she paints and shows her work through the winter months.

For the past 8 years, Ineson has focused primarily on oil painting, for which she uses the palette knife almost exclusively, producing a sculptural surface. Like many artists, she is inspired by the local natural landscape, whether it is the Florida Everglades or the Maine coast. While she enjoys painting an occasional still life, it is the broad scope of landscape, the natural beauty of sunrise and sunset, and the places where water and land meet, that most often form her subject matter.

The Pemaquid Art Gallery is situated within Pemaquid Lighthouse Park at Pemaquid Point, Bristol. The gallery is open daily through Columbus Day, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m..