Summer Island Studio Hosts Thelander on 2nd Friday

Bluejay1“Bluejay” by Lilliana Thelander

Lilliana Thelander will be joining Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans in Brunswick for the month of September.  An Artist Reception and opening will be held Friday, September 11, Brunswick’s 2nd Friday Artwalk; wine, cheese and hors d’oerves will be served from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Thelander, originally from Venezuela, moved to mid coast Maine with her husband and children in 2006. She was first introduced to art by creating stained glass; she was fascinated with the way the light came through, making the colors radiant, like a prism. She is drawn to subjects she paints by the same luminous quality of light and hue. Thelander loves to closely examine and is fascinated with marbles, bottles, eyes, glass, and objects that are part of our everyday living.

Working with oils allows her to render subjects in vivid colors by applying layers of glazes creating the illusion of depth. Thelander’s detailed renditions invite the viewer in for a closer look; her intent with her paintings is to go beyond realism, bringing life and vibrancy to everyday objects and snapshots in time.

If you have any questions, call Patti at (207) 373-1810. The gallery is located at Tontine Mall, 149 Maine St, Brunswick.