Artist Receptions for Skaar + Rubeck on First Friday

Anneli Skaar Aurora Borealis 18 x 24 Oil on panelAnneli Skaar’s “Aurora Borealis,” oil on panel

Anneli Skaar and Shari Weschler Rubeck will be at Carver Hill Gallery in Rockland for the First Friday Art Walk, September 4 from 5 to 8 p.m. From Sept. 4-30, Anneli Skaar will have a for a first floor solo show “Civil Twilight” featuring paintings from a 2015 winter trip to Svalbard, an archipelago midway between continental Norway and the North Pole. The reception with the artist will be held on First Friday, September 4, from 5 to 8 p.m.

The Arctic islands’ polar nights were the inspiration for this series of paintings, and Anneli specifically chose to travel there when the sun just peeks over the horizon for a brief presentation before sinking back into darkness. Approximately 60% of the archipelago is covered with glaciers and the islands feature many mountains and fjords.  Her paintings are in various shades of the same hue – a cool blue that transports the viewer right into the dimly lit snowfields of a frozen land. The work is quiet, but the wind whispers “danger.”

Anneli has traveled to Norway many times, but this long awaited journey was her first trip to Svalbard. She was born in San Francisco, California in 1969 to Norwegian immigrants and raised fluent in Norwegian. Due to her strong connection to her ancestral home in Scandinavia, Anneli moved to Norway and was accepted to the National Academy of Arts in Oslo where she received her B.A. in graphic design and illustration.

During this time she also lived and worked at the Oslo studio of the extraordinarily talented and controversial Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum. This experience left an indelible mark on her perspective as an artist and designer. She later worked in residence at the British School in Rome, Italy, focusing on intaglio printmaking. She now owns and operates her own design studio in Maine and continues to grow her career as a fine artist.

RubeckBy Shari Weschler Rubeck

Shari Weschler Rubeck has a solo show upstairs at Carver Hill Gallery from September 4-30.. The reception with the artist will be held on First Friday, September 4, from 5 to 8 p.m.. The title of the show is “SUM OF ITS PARTS – A Figural Exploration of Human Traits.”

The works included in this exhibit represent parts of the whole, various aspects of humanness; the Ego, Communicator, Performer and Animal.  Delving into how we are growing closer together globally yet individually farther apart as our heads bow down to devices. Shari has been working on four different series to coincide with these aspects – New Beginning, Alter Egos, Bunni, and Circus Freaks.

“New Beginning” searches to explore the history and future of communication. “Alter Egos” came from Shari’s belief that the ego is a slowly developed, reflected translation of our “Self” through society’s eye and voice.  She believes that some of us have more than one – hence Alter Ego.  We build, imagine, create, but we destroy, fall and retreat. Bunni emerged after a short hiatus, as a large rabbit head partially obscuring a face. Bunni became the story teller; possibly to salvage the connection between us and nature.

The last series in the show is “Circus Freaks and Tudors”, which are the performers. Tudors find themselves crossing into Shari’s other series, as well.  These pieces derive from her background as a dancer, growing up in a family that was well tuned in to live NYC theatre and dance.  Her grandmother was a Prima ballerina who danced with Balanchine, and Shari spent time back stage drinking in the wonder of character transformation. “Circus Freaks and Tudors embody my passion for costumes, masks, the macabre, off centeredness, backstage chaos and additionally, the many mysteries of the animal world; how We relate to Them and how They relate to Us.  We are all mask wearers, parading the ‘front of our stage’, as a mess or two hide behind the veil; a Freak Show of sorts.”

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