Maine Landscapes in Oil Featured at Pemaquid Art Gallery

KleinGull'sViewBarbara Klein’s “Gull’s View”

Viola Glendinning and Barbara Klein are showing their work again this year at the Pemaquid Art Gallery in Lighthouse Park. Both have been drawing and painting as long as they can remember and have explored other art forms as well.

Barbara Klein paints representational landscapes of Maine in oil. Most well known for her colorful vignettes framed in gold, she also paints in watercolor, finding different challenges with each medium. Frequently working on location, her works capture the “essence of being there,” which resonate with the viewer’s personal Maine experience.

Klein has studied painting with the late Alfred “Chip” Chadbourne, John Whalley, and Tom McCobb, and also enjoys designed her own colorful knitting projects, collage, card and print making, and zentangle. She has been featured at many local shows, from Miles Hospital and Skidompha Library, to an annual group show at River Grill in Damariscotta. Her work also may be seen at Gifts 136 in Damariscotta. Klein is one of the friendly gallery attendants at Pemaquid Art Gallery, so pay her a visit and she can tell you more about her highly popular artwork!

GlendinningNorthside Monhegan1

Viola Glendinning’s “Northside Monhegan”

Viola Glendinning also works in both watercolor and oil, but her preferred medium is oil. She received an art degree from Brookdale College in New Jersey and owned the Redmen Gallery in South Bristol for a number of years, representing several midcoast artists. She has plans to reopen a gallery for her own work in her Cottage Cupboard Shop in South Bristol.

Marinescapes are often the subject of Glendinning’s painting as she spent her childhood on the seacoast in Norway. She is fascinated by the ocean, whether the seas are calm or windblown. Glendinning delights in the wind filling sails, and tossing trawlers in a tempest and she finds great satisfaction in bringing these scenes to life on her canvas.

She has learned and taught the European art of Rosemaling, floral painting on wood carvings and furniture, developing her own unique style. She also enjoys creating very large paintings, several of them featured in churches in New Jersey and in South Bristol.

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The Pemaquid Art Gallery is situated within Pemaquid Lighthouse Park at Pemaquid Point, Bristol and online at The gallery is open daily through Columbus Day, from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.