Ocean House Gallery presents Beneman + McCarthy

1e0438fc-77fd-48b9-9471-8c35efa2c2a6Printmaking by Beneman + Collage by McCarthy

Chris Tegeler Beneman and Robin McCarthy combine printmaking and collage techniques to assemble beautiful artwork. Though they come at their art making in similar ways, what they create is very different. Their work is currently on exhibit at Ocean House Gallery & Frame in Cape Elizabeth and runs through September 23.

Chris Beneman lives and works in the Portland area. She originally came to Maine to attend Bates College and never left. Though she studied and practiced printmaking and painting, for many years her main focus was ceramics. A workshop with founding Peregrine Press member Alice Spencer at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts cemented the shift to printmaking.

Robin McCarthy is an artist who has lived in the Portland area for the last 44 years. She has been a social worker, devoted to children and their families, a wife and mother, devoted to our children and our family, and a grand-mother, devoted to those children and their family. Robin can be found making art in her studio most days.

Ocean House Gallery & Frame is located at 299 Ocean House Road in Cape Elizabeth. For more information, check out www.oceanhousegallery.com/