3D/Installation Art at DIAA Gallery

Tim%20Szal%20largeTim Szal’s Prana #9, Art glass lamp. He is a featured artist in the exhibit.

The Deer Isle Artists Association is pleased to announce the opening of its new show, “3D/Installation Art.” The show runs through October 18, and features artists Anya Antonovych, Jorge Castaneda, Sam Jones, David Kofton, Heather Lyon, Diane Maguire-Horton, and Tim Szal. While many of the artists will present individual pieces for this show, others are collaborating to create installations that are truly unique.

The public is warmly invited to attend the show’s reception and to meet the artists on Sunday, September 27 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the DIAA Gallery, 15 Main Street, Deer Isle Village. For more information, please call (207) 348-2330.