Paintings of Elizabeth Fox at Walsh Gallery

Fox-Out the Woods2Elizabeth Fox, Out the Woods, 11-1/2” x 24-1/8”, oil on panel

Dowling Walsh Gallery in Rockland is hosting one show for the month of October: the paintings of Elizabeth Fox. With their muted color palette and deceptively straightforward style, Fox’s tautly rendered mini-dramas are rich with nuance and biting social commentary. An opening reception takes place on Friday, October 2 from 5 to 8 p.m.

Fox was born in Orlando, Florida, in 1969, and attended the Ringling School of Art in Sarasota. She lived in New Orleans for eighteen years, before moving to Maine in 2008, following Hurricane Katrina. She has exhibited her work in New York City, New Orleans, Miami, Washington, D.C., Houston, the Netherlands and at the Center for Maine Contemporary Art (CMCA) in Maine.

Fox said, “My paintings are deceptively simple, using a fresh color palette and hyper-defined subject matter to draw you in, there’s also a sense of isolation with ample negative space and rhythmic placement of objects and figures. Tensions are introduced to question sexual, gender, and age relation. These questions are left unanswered as to who or what is the dominant power. This is to show pivotal moments with humor and all of our human strengths and vulnerabilities.”

Fox-Getting Out2Elizabeth Fox, Getting Out, 16” x 22”, oil on panel

Dowling Walsh Gallery is located at 365 Main Street in Rockland, directly across from the Farnsworth Art Museum. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am – 5pm, and by appointment on Sunday and Monday. For more information, visit or call (207) 596-0084.