“Reflections” Opens at Landing Gallery on First Friday

Pale by Dorothy Simpson

“Pale”  by Dorothy Simpson Kraus, collaged Pigment Print on Aluminum with Encaustic

Landing Gallery, 409 Main Street in Rockland is pleased to announce a new exhibit, “Reflections,” opening on Friday, October 2 to 31. This exhibit is a two person collaboration of new work by Dorothy Simpson Krause and Merike van Zanten. The artists will give a gallery talk on Friday, October 2nd at 4:30 p.m., preceding the artists’ opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m.

Dorothy Simpson Krause is a well known painter, collage artist, print maker and Professor Emeritus at Massachusetts College of Art. Her work has received numerous awards and is in the collection of more than thirty museums and public art installations. Krause uses an image layering technique to build a complex and dynamic mixed media artwork. Pigment transfer prints with aluminum, steel, canvas and encaustic are combined in various ways to complete each work.

“My work embeds archetypal symbols and fragments of image and text in multiple layers of texture and meaning,” said Krause. “My art-making is an integrated mode of inquiry that links concept and media in an ongoing dialogue – a visible means of exploring meaning.”

Eucalyptus and Wild Grasses by Van Zanten“Eucalyptus & Wild Grasses” by Merike Van Zanten, Eco Print on Cotton & Wool

Merike Van Zanten is a mixed media artist. Her work is found in private press books and in museum, university and private collections. Her work in this exhibition uses a process known as Eco printing.  It is the process of making leaf prints on different papers or fabrics using heat and pressure.

Van Zanten also expands on the Eco printing process by combining prints with other natural materials like small branches, natural dyes and natural fabrics.  There is no use of commercial paint or ink which makes her work environmentally friendly.  Her work is inspired by and created with organic materials from Mother Nature.

“I like working with natural materials, found objects and metals,” said Van Zanten. “Usually I don’t have a plan, and let the materials take me to places known and unknown and vice versa.”

“Artist’s possess a mirror like ability to interpret our world in different ways,” said Bruce Busko, president of Landing Gallery. “Our individual sense of vision becomes a unique filter, distilling essential and favorable details that become our inspiration and response to nature. Through our creative experience and the art that follows, we can express our personal, soul filled, feelings. Art becomes a reflection, a manifestation of our unique personal lens that others can see, interpret and appreciate.”

For more information, visit www.LandingArt.com or call (207) 239-1223.