“Black + White + A Bit of Color” at Tidemark Gallery

Inner%20CircleArt of Jean Kigel

“Black and White and a Bit of Color,” by Jean Kigel, a long-time, award-winning member of the Sumi-e Society of America, is on display not at Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro. It includes sumi-e paintings, etchings, and monoprints, many of them on her own, hand-made Eastern paper. Kigel’s work is currently included in the Sumi-e Society’s 2015 Annual Exhibition in Mobile, Alabama, juried by the distinguished sumi-e master, Shozo Sato.

A native of Warren, Maine, Kigel states that her paintings for Tidemark Gallery’s show demonstrate the “art of less”; she says, “Never do more, when less will do.”  By stripping away color in a composition, she de-clutters an image into its basic elements of light, shade, and texture. The difficulty comes in making these elements as potent as possible.

She seeks a minimalistic effect, creating art with a simple juxtaposition of ink, and empty space. In most of her paintings, a red chop provides the sole “bit of color” in the show’s title.  It stands out to anchor the flow of the composition.  In some works, the stamp is meant to be the first thing that attracts the eye; in other works, it serves more as the end point.  However, in several of the works in this show, Kigel adds a bit more color, like tones of yellow or green.  In these cases color serves to suggest the belly of a penguin, or the iciness of water at docks.

In expressing the essence of a subject, every brush stroke contains artistic expressiveness. Visit this show and read your own feelings into her subjects, which include animals, plants, and landscapes. Unframed work is available, in addition to work hung on walls.

Tidemark Gallery is located at 902 Main Street. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, contact Tidemark Gallery at 207 832-5109