Ocean House Gallery Displays Anne Ireland + Julie Freund

0a63881c-0cf0-4ce5-86a6-9c7316fedd32The art of Anne Ireland and Julie Freund is on display a Ocean House Gallery & Frame in Cape Elizabeth  through November 21.

“My paintings are the result of observation informed by imagination–a place where the iconic is seen in the emotional context of mystery and surprise, ” said Ireland. “There is a powerful energy when sky meets ground. To intensify that connection I strive to create a psychologically-nuanced atmosphere of unexpected color, giving it depth and consequence.”

Said Freund, “My work is an exploration of my passion for color and light in the Maine landscape. I have returned repeatedly to a handful of special places in Maine that offer inspiration. Many of these places are along the coast, and I am especially drawn to the dynamic tension created where the land meets the sea.”

The Gallery is located at 299 Ocean House Road. For more information, check out http://www.oceanhousegallery.com/