Purple Lobsters at Black Hole Gallery through Oct. 31

purpleOrlando Johnson with purple lobsters

Along with many businesses in Rockland, in observance of October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Black Hole is displaying purple in its window in support of New Hope for Women’s work to end domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

Artist Orlando Johnson has created a ‘quartet’ of his iconic lobsters in purple, and the gallery is auctioning the piece, ‘Lobster Quartet: Purple’ over the course of the month, donating all proceeds from its sale to New Hope for Women.
Johnson said, “The intention with this initiative is not only to raise what we can to help this excellent organisation and the crucial work they do, but also to offer a visual representation of our support for New Hope for Women, and crucially to the people they help.  Art has the potential to reach far beyond the artists who make it, the galleries who show it, and the collectors who buy it.  I hope this initiative can, even in a small way, promote awareness and positive change.”  He goes on to cite the example of artist Jamien Morehouse, who, years ago, established an annual Christmas ‘Hat Show’ to Benefit New Hope for Women: “Her work was, and remains, a great influence on mine. I
never had the chance to meet her, but feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to follow the wonderful example she set with a project like this.”

‘Lobster Quartet: Purple’ will be displayed in the window at Black Hole (403 Main St.) in Rockland through October 31. Bids can be accepted online (http://www.blackholegallery.com/Gallery_Shop_Artwork_Lobster_Quartet.html), as well as in person or via telephone.  For more information, please contact gallery@blackholegallery.com or call (207) 400-2957.