Waterfall Arts Hosts 3rd Annual Glow Show on Nov. 13

Light brightThe third annual Glow Show returns to Waterfall Arts in Belfast on Friday, November 13 from 7 to 10 p.m. This event is an entirely unique take on traditions from around the world that celebrate lighting up winter’s darkness. The lower level of Waterfall Arts goes dark for the night, so guests can “ooo” and “ahh” their way through an interactive installation of all things that glow, flicker, sparkle and shine.

The most-loved parts of earlier Glow Shows will be included: a beverage bar of illuminated seltzer, sand drawing on a light table, a collaborative psychedelic mandala coloring under black light, and of course, more Lite Brites than you can shake a glow stick at.

New this year is an expanded Gallery of Glow Art which highlight event creator Bridget Matros’ hidden illuminated worlds, backlit papercuttings, and the Dinosaur Playground will be joined by blacklight posters, lit dioramas and other works created by local young artists. There are rumors of a performance piece on the stage – shadow puppetry? Daft Punk-style dance routine?

A few changes are more technical: Matros wants to bring the lights down even more than last year, to get a more intense glowing effect from the black lights. “We were disappointed by a bunch of stuff we made using expensive glow pigments, like our “galaxy dough”… then while we were cleaning up some dropped under the table and it was glowing like crazy! There was too much ambient light for the wow-factor I’m looking for.”

The Glow Shows of the past have not been short on the “wow factor” – last year about a hundred people attended; the refrain, “this is AWESOME!!” was heard again and again throughout the night. Hours have been shifted later to make sure the “grown-up kids” get a chance to stop in while making their Friday night rounds. None will be disappointed!

Tickets are at the door for only $3 (donations welcome!). Recommended for ages 7+; parental supervision required – stay and play!

All Ages Art Happenings, created by Waterfall Arts’ Youth and Family Outreach Coordinator Bridget Matros, are affordable fun events that allow all sorts of people to get together for memorable, multisensory experiences. Each AAAH is a themed party packed with hands-on, creative activities for everyone, from touchy toddlers to adults who want to cut loose and play.

These and other youth and family outreach programs at Waterfall Arts are made possible by a generous grants, sponsors and donations. To learn more, visit www.waterfallarts.org