River Arts’ West Gallery Hosted “Variations on a Figure”

VariationsSculptures by Laura Freeman

“Variations on a Figure,” an exhibition of sculpture and drawings by Laura Freeman, was recently on display at River Arts’ West Gallery at 241 US Route 1 in Damariscotta. An artist reception was held on November 13.

Artist John Lorence said, “The artist reveals how she has explored, quite widely, the solids and shapes of the human body. Her strong drawing immediately informs you that she understands and has studied anatomy. But, she goes beyond that by suggesting her conclusions in clay and bronze.  She captures the mass, gesture and animations of walking, running as well as bending and curled-up individual seated or lying on a sofa or chair. The body volume is always present in each clay or bronze study  — some of which could be fetal or adult interpretations. Some figurative pieces are in repose; some have a lot of action.

Freeman’s sculptures can give you a personal experience. There is one pedestal arranged with small figures for the view to pick up and hold in your hand.  As you handle this little sculpture, you get a visual close-up and the tactile feeling of her work. (Art is, of course, mental and manual)  You really are participating!! That’s using your special sensory response. Enjoy!!”

The exhibit was described as showing humor, wit, seriousness and playfulness.