Bayview Shows Still Life + Floral Paintings by Gayle Levée

95fec496-f3aa-48dd-b874-a6ffa47f6848“Water” by Gayle Levée, oil on linen, 24″ x 30″

Bayview Gallery in Brunswick is pleased to represent the still life and floral paintings of Gayle Levée. She studied with Boston School master painter, Robert Douglas Hunter (1928-2014). Levée continues the traditions of the Boston School with well-planned compositions, skillful drawing and a focus on light and shadow to create atmosphere in her paintings.

“I had painted with Robert Douglas Hunter, and from him learned the techniques of the Boston School painters,” Levée said. “Later, when I went to New Mexico for a wedding, I was struck by how dry the region is, especially compared to green New England. There were signs in the rest rooms asking people to conserve water when washing their hands. My feet got so dry they bled.”

“I wanted to somehow paint my experience of New Mexico, using a Boston School still life rather than a landscape. I had seen still life paintings in the galleries there — people seemed to think a Western still life had to be about spurs and Navajo blankets. I wanted my painting to be about the precious resource: water.”

“That’s why the water is held in the bottles and containers,” said Levée. “The fruit represents another source of water for the bird. The vine can live only as long as it is in contact with the water.”

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