Save Up To 33% at Shaw Jewelry Sale in Northeast Harbor!

a9ef68a5-4c96-475e-9d91-3efe59ddb9e2Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor is having a jewelry sale through Christmas. Shaw Jewelry is the home of extraordinary contemporary jewelry by national artists as well as the largest collection of work by Sam Shaw.

Located  near the resort destination of Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Shaw Jewelry Gallery is an expansive showroom with more than 100 artists represented in a spacious, well-designed environment. You will find luxurious jewelry in high karat gold with precious stones, pearls and diamonds. You will also find exotic and unusual artist made pieces in alternative materials and challenging aesthetic. Shaw Jewelry Gallery also hosts 20 exhibitions each year showcasing painters, photographers, sculptors and object makers.

The studio gallery is open all year. There are four trained jewelers on staff that can perform the most difficult repairs or help you design an outstanding original piece. Custom work, personal service, attention to detail and exacting standards are hallmark traditions of Shaw jewelry.  Since 1984, Shaw Jewelry has been under the ownership of Sam Shaw in the same location where his regular customers know they will be treated with utmost honesty and respect.

The jewelry of Sam Shaw is organized around three main themes or groups; Twig, beachstone and gemstone. The twig group begins by converting thin birch tree twigs to 18kt gold in a process akin to lost wax. I fabricate these into jewelry like a high-end topiary artist. The desired effect is a piece that appears to have grown on your wrist. Each piece is fabricated from these individually cast twigs through joining, soldering and bending. The texture and surface must be retained, the scale correct, the transitions natural.

The store is located at 126 Main Street. For more information, call (207) 276-5000 or visit