Bayview Gallery Owner Says, “Have It Your Way!”

CommissionCommission: “Watchful Eyes, II” by Paul Stone, oil on canvas, 32″ x 43″

Susan Starr, co-owner of Bayview Gallery in Brunswick asks, “Have you ever walked into an art gallery and found a painting that is perfect in nearly every way? The imagery appeals to you, the color palette is perfect for your home, and the “feel” of the painting draws you into the artist’s vision. But, alas, the size just won’t work. Perhaps it’s too small for that space over the sofa, or maybe it’s too large.

Not to worry! You can probably have it your way. Most of our painters will work with you to capture the elements you want in a commissioned painting, made just for you.

I have my clients’ permission to share the story of a recent commission.
Our clients recently moved and were searching for a painting for over their sofa. Sandy fell in love with a Paul Stone painting in our Gallery, but it just wasn’t large enough for her space.

OriginalOriginal painting: “Watchful Eyes” by Paul Stone, oil on canvas, 24″ x 36″

I spoke with Paul and he agreed to create a larger version. Like most artists, Paul will not make an exact reproduction of a painting. But, he captured all the elements important to the client, who likes her commissioned painting even better than the original.”

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