Greenhut’s Biennial “Portland Show” Opens April 9

Donahue_Old-Portland-from-Amatos_thnlMarsha Donahue’s “Old Portland from Amatos”

The 8th biennial “Portland Show”, an invitational show of artists interpretation of “Portland,” will be on display at Greenhut Galleries in  April 6-30. An Artist Reception will be held Saturday, April 9 from 1 – 3 p.m.

Participating artists include  Daniel Anselmi, Chris Beneman, Mary Bourke, Jeff Bye, Ben Coombs, David Campbell, Crystal Cawley, Thomas Connolly, Marsha Donahue, David Driskell, Chris Eaton, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, Phillip Frey, Margaret Gerding, Roy Germon, Alison Goodwin, Ken Greenleaf, Tom Hall, Lindsay Hancock, Peyton Higgison, Tina Ingraham, Henry Isaacs, Jessica Ives, Sarah Knock, Margaret Lawrence, and C Michael Lewis.

Also, Lin Lisberger, Jessica McCarthy, Daniel Minter, Ann Mohnkern, Nancy Morgan Barnes, Anne Lofquist, Vanessa Nesvig, Lisa Noonis, Colin Page, Dennis Pinette, Sandra Quinn, Alison Rector, Glenn Renell, Alec Richardson, Alice Spencer, Barbara Sullivan, Robert Sullivan, Judy Taylor, Lori Tremblay, Chip Williams, Richard Wilson, and Henry Wolyniec.

Greenhut Galleries is located at the corner of Middle and Pearl Streets in Portland. For more information, visit