Art Space Gallery first opening reception

sylvia                                         Sylvia Murdock art

Art Space Gallery invites you to the first opening reception of this season on Friday May 6th from 5 to 8pm. This reception will introduce the six new Maine artists in our front room, Obrianna Cornelius, Nancy Tang, Michelle Walker, Melissa Van der Burg, Sylvia Murdock, and Perkins Studios.

Obrianna Cornelius specializes in colorful watercolor landscapes. She received training in Fine Art at Pensacola Christian College. It was there that she developed her skill and knowledge in realism. Watercolor is her primary medium, but she is also talented when working with pen and ink, pencil, colored pencil, oils, and mixed media. Her bold and highly-detailed paintings are filled with natural color and scenic lighting effects.

Nature offers boundless inspiration in form and color. She stills the mind and soothes the soul and if you are lucky will whisper in your ear and play the muse. Nancy Davies Tang looks to her garden, fields and forests for inspiration to create works of art in kiln fired glass and dichroic glass jewelry. Largely self-taught, Nancy has been working with warm glass for over 20 years. She has a background in painting and sculpture and strives to bring all her experience to her work in warm glass. Currently her focus in on representing the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air.

The natural shapes and structures of gourds provide the foundation for the gourd vessels designed and crafted by Michelle Walker.  The gourds are carved, dyed or left with their natural finish.  Often cultural symbols and lines suggestive of movement become the focus. Openings are completed with leather lace, covered rush or pine needles.  Beads, feathers, twigs and wire can be attached to enhance a design.  These gourd vessels reflect Michelle’s roots in the southwest as well as her love of nature and appreciation of the stark beauty of Maine where she has lived for many years.

Melissa Van der Burg feels painting is a form of language, but it is unique in that a single image can be used to convey a complex, sophisticated thought or mood. It is the ultimate “economy of means.” What keeps her engaged in the process is the tremendous challenge any painter encounters each time he or she conceives an idea and then attempts to give it life on the canvas—all the while, trying to make sure that the original idea holds, consistently. Most of her work is figurative, with a narrative quality.

Sylvia Murdock’s view is “if art warms the heart, grabs you, so you take a closer look, or if it moves the spirit in some small way, the artist has succeeded.” She’s reminded of how the “instinctive need to transform experience into image” is one of the things she’s recognized through living her life on the coast of Maine. Sylvia realizes “that the power of painting is dependent not only of her technical skills but, also upon her emotive powers”, and when you put that through the head, hands, and heart of an artist, you might come up with a painting that moves you.

Jessie Perkins’ art focuses on realistic drawings and paintings of pets, people and wildlife. She uses photo’s as reference for her artwork in order to get every hair, whisker, or feather correct.

Adam Perkins an oil painter whose focus is on industrial scenes and traditional landscapes. His work takes places often overlooked and transforms them into intriguing spaces that beg for exploration. He enjoys taking things we drive by every day and gives them the center of attention. Adam has a strong focus on design as well as perspective and strong light. His clean detailed paintings have been referred to as “air brushing with oil”.

Art Space Gallery is located at 342 Main Street across from the Strand Theater in Rockland.   The gallery features works by nineteen artists who work in various media and genres. May hours are 11am to 4 pm on Wednesday through Saturdays. Visit our website for more information at