UMaine Museum of Art announces Winter Exhibitions

The University of Maine Museum of Art announces three new exhibitions January 16 – March 21, 2015. Admission to the Museum of Art is FREE in 2015 thanks to the generosity of Penobscot Financial Advisors.

Rachel Hellman

“Drifting Simultaneously” by Rachel Hellmann

Rachel Hellmann’s exhibition Infra/Structure features an assortment of mixed-media works on paper along with a suite of shaped compositions that explore the intersection of painting and sculpture. Long-fascinated with architecture and interior spaces, the artist’s compositions offer an interplay of geometry, light and color. Hellmann meticulously creates her three-dimensional, wall-based works through a process by which various shaped forms crafted from poplar wood are planed, cut, pieced together, glued, clamped and sanded. The painted and drawn bands depict color relationships which range from subtle to bold; the arrangement of these elements is in direct response to the unique qualities of each sculpted form. “Simplified elements, combined with subtle gradations of color, create a play with perception and a vibration between the logical and poetic,” states the artist.

Hellmann’s exploration of “painting as object”, in which the artist has fully considered all surfaces of the forms, invites the viewer to experience the works from multiple perspectives.

Dan Estabrook

“The Clown” by Dan Estabrook

In King & Clown, NYC-based artist Dan Estabrook combines nineteenth and early twentieth-century photographic processes with painting and drawing to produce his uniquely contemporary works. In Brain Surgery—an image in which the artist is also the model—a hovering ovoid form, painted in gouache and a pencil grid, is rendered atop a gum bichromate print, a photographic process developed in the 1850s. Through his uncanny juxtaposition of subjects and the deceptively-aged appearance of his images (acheived through meticulous hand-painting), Estabrook evokes a sense of mystery and nostalgia.

“My images begin by imitating various academic genres of the nineteenth-century, mostly still lifes and figure studies, but ones made strange by my interventions on the surface or by the handmade objects set before the camera.

“Drawing mostly from self-portraits made over a 20 year period, including photographs and sculptures made specifically for this exhibition, the work in King & Clown shows the many ways in which I have constructed and inhabited my own artistic persona.”

“What If They Had Lived” by Barbara Putnam

“What If They Had Lived?” by Barbara Putnam

In their second major exhibition together, Deborah Cornell and Barbara Putnam unite science and art to reveal the interconnected effects of climate change upon the natural world. The artists state: “There is no doubt that climate change is here. How to deal with global warming morally and honestly is a gamble that we now face.”

Cornell’s Games of Chance series juxtaposes images of nature and various gambling devices, reflecting on speculative attitudes and practices toward the environment. Other works examine how nothing exists in isolation, and the repercussions of our actions are more pervasive than people perceive. Putnam’s quilt What If They Had Lived?, as in her other works, addresses the far-reaching impact of humans on the environment. This piece references an actual 2012 event during which the warmest marine temperatures ever recorded caused several species of jellyfish to drift north, reaching the 80th parallel, where they froze on the shore of Svalbard, an archipelago north of Norway.

Deborah Cornell

“Games of Chance: Domino Theory” by Deborah Cornell

This exhibition explores ethical, social and environmental currents that arise from human interaction with the environment, and the concern of observing how our actions have thrown entire ecological systems out of balance.

The Long Distance Call: Carnes, Demers & Minzy at Harlow Gallery


The Harlow Gallery is kicking off the new year with John Carnes’ expressive watercolors, Matt Demers’ graffiti inspired mixed media pieces and Scott Minzy’s graphic linocut prints. This exhibition will be on view at 160 Water Street in Hallowell January 16th through February 7th, 2015, with an opening reception Friday, January 16th 5 – 8 p.m. The Harlow Gallery’s hours are Wednesday – Saturday Noon – 6 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Through different methods each of these artists is exploring aspects of the way he sees and understands reality through the lens of the subconscious. Whether through an abstract map of the psyche, an exploded view of one’s character or through an illustrative psychodrama, each artist makes a long distance call to his subconscious in order to produce his art. By placing Carnes’, Demers’, and Minzy’s work together, a complex dialog among the three begins to emerge. Issues such as fear, regret, longing, and acceptance are touched upon in subtle and nuanced ways each in the style of the individual artists. Like a dream, when making the long distance call the artist does not know who or what he’ll get, a nightmare or a fantasy. This exhibition will invite the contemplation of difficult, contradictory and often personal issues raised by the artistic process.

For the past twenty years John Carnes has been drawing and painting the mountains, rivers and streams of the remote western regions of Maine, the Baxter State Park area, and the Kennebec River Valley. He works primarily in watercolor, pastel, and graphite. His expression of the Maine landscape may be realistic, representational or abstract. John brings this same love and expressiveness to his work with the human figure. Most recently he has been exploring the use of multiple graphite lines and limited color to suggest the transitory nature of things in the world, their continuous coming into existence and their impermanence, as well as exploring more formal issues of shape, line, form and color. For the last five years John has been one of six artists with private work space at Artdogs Studios, in Gardiner, Maine. You can visit his studio/gallery at Artdogs, 277 Water Street, Gardiner, ME. 04345 by appointment, or contact him at, or at (207) 208-9232.

Matt Demers is a primarily self-taught artist from Gardiner, Maine with a background in graphic design. He has been creating his whole life and began selling work while he was still in high school. He began his career painting graffiti art and elements of that still appear in his current work. His inspiration comes from the good and bad of the chaos and changes in life. In his paintings he captures that constant commotion with strong forms, vivid colors, and rapid yet decisive brush strokes.

Scott Minzy makes artist’s books, relief prints and animations that deal with the universal themes of fear, regret and longing. His past life in public relations and corporate sales has led him to seek a less jaded but more authentic life in the state of his birth. As a result, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Southern Maine and teaches fine art and digital media at Erskine Academy as well as in his studio in Gardiner Maine.

Farnsworth Extends Major Shaker Exhibition


Due to the popularity of the show, and to facilitate an increase in school group visits, the Farnsworth Art Museum will be extending the exhibition The Shakers: From Mount Lebanon to the World through March 8, 2015. The show of approximately 100 works opened in June 2014 and was organized in partnership with the Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon in New Lebanon, New York; and the Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village Museum in New Gloucester, Maine.

Drawn primarily from the collection of the Shaker Museum | Mount Lebanon, the largest, broadest and deepest collection of Shaker material in the world, the show presents a comprehensive look at the religious, social and economic foundations of Shaker life, seen through Shaker-made objects. While the show is a historical overview seen through objects from Mount Lebanon, the spiritual and administrative center of the Shaker world, it importantly also includes a section on the Shakers at Sabbathday Lake, Maine, the last active Shaker community.

The exhibition has received critical acclaim in the National press. The Wall Street Journal called the exhibition: “an uplifting exhibition (which) highlights American ingenuity, resilience and fearlessness,” the Portland Press Herald noted that: “this may well come to be seen as the most important exhibition about Shaker culture ever,” while Antiques and the Arts Weekly playfully warns that visitors to the exhibition: “had better fasten their seat belts.

In conjunction with this exhibition, the Everyman Repertory Theatre, in partnership with the Farnsworth, will be performing the Shaker play As It Is in Heaven, by Arlene Hutton. The performances will be at the Rockport Opera House from February 20 through March 1, 2015. More information is available at

Mildred Johnson visits Summer Island Studio

Local Architect/Assemblage Artist Mildred Johnson will be at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans for both months of January and February 2015. Artist Reception will be held on Saturday, January 17 at 4 – 6 p.m. Wine, cheese and hors d’oeuvres will be served.


Johnson graduated from University of Oregon in 1948 in architecture, she moved back and forth across the country as an architect and designer for years. Mildred moved to Maine in 2004 and maintained a studio at Fort Andross in Brunswick for many years, working primarily on assemblages and mixed media collage.

Of her work Mildred says “I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t making art… I’m still playing with found materials… and I still feel the excitement of discovery that I remember as a child” and continues, quoting from Robert Rauschenberg “You begin with the possibilities of the material”.

Wine Cellar Art Gallery hosts Margaret Baldwin’s operatic illustrations

The Wine Cellar Art Gallery at John Edwards Market in Ellsworth is currently hosting the operatic illustrations of Surry artist Margaret Baldwin. Margaret’s show brings opera to life with colorful storybook illustrations that stimulate the imagination and offer focal access to classic musical compositions. Come follow the stories of four famous operas – Mussorsgy’s Boris Godunov, Verdi’s Aida, Beethoven’s Fidelio, & Wagner’s Lohengrin. This show will be available through December and January. Feel welcome to call for information 667-9377 or visit our website at

January 10 Family Day: Winter Wonderland at the PMA

Portland Museum of Art

The PMA is a great place to visit all year long, but there’s something special about visiting the museum this time of year. As friends and family come together to enjoy the season, make a trip to the Portland Museum of Art one of your holiday traditions.From the annual lighting of our copper beech tree and carol singalong, to shopping for loved ones at the PMA Store, to discovering art together at Family Day, the PMA is at its finest this month. So come by, bring loved ones, and share in the joy of your museum.

Alexander Calder’s Snow Flurry III is one of the most beloved sculptures in the PMA. Notice how the mobile-like work evokes the magic of a gentle snowfall, and then on January 10 at 10 a.m. make your own sculpture that does the same.

The PMA will provide all the art supplies you need—white pipe cleaners, silver reflective paper, white foam shapes, and more—to create a bit of winter wonderland that you can hold in your hand.

PMA Family Days shine a spotlight on all the ways the museum gets families engaged with art together. Take advantage of the PMA’s family guides and stroller kits, enjoy a kid-friendly meal in the PMA Café, take a 1 p.m. Family Walk & Talk through the galleries, and investigate the PMA Family Space—all while letting your inspiration run wild with the Pop Up Studio, PMA Art Cart, and Family-Day-exclusive arts and craftsmaking activities. Come when you want, stay as long as you want, and bring the kids. Let’s have some fun.

The book-club experience comes to art with the What Do You Think? series, in which visitors are invited to study one work on view and then share their opinions over lunch in the PMA Café. On January 8 at 11:30 a.m., spend time studying the perfect balance and aesthetic pleasures of Calder’s Snow Flurry III and then discuss your impressions with others.

Courthouse Gallery Holiday Open House + Small Works 2014 Show

“Whoa” Bear” by Cynthia Stroud

Ellsworth: Courthouse Gallery Fine Art will host a Holiday Open House and Artist’s Reception for its Small Works 2014 Show on Thursday, December 4 from 5–7pm. Gallery artists participating in the show include R. Scott Baltz, Judy Belasco, Ragna Bruno, Robert Callahan, Gregory Dunham, Pamela Elias, Philip Frey, June Grey, Paul Hannon, Jessica Ives, Joseph Keiffer, Ed Nadeau, John Neville, Linda Packard, Colin Page, Cynthia Stroud, Lilian Day Thorpe, Alison Rector, David Vickery. Artworks in the show can be viewed at/> .

The gallery is located at 6 Court Street in Ellsworth. Hours: Wednesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm. For more information call 667-6611 or visit>

“A Change of Season and Kathleen Galligan” at George Marshall Store Gallery

AafX6bX2KNASWlSuc8hp8mWIrLvEBKu7_8CGc4DNDDA,F81fbsFVOMYeGe6N-nBDtFTI2B4YtJWpYBnNtLMfgMMKathleen Galligan “ Woodland Magic” oil on linen, 15 x 17”


York, Maine:  Despite the cold and the dark, a large crowd turned out the other evening at the Museums of Old York’s George Marshall Store Gallery to preview the final exhibitions of the 2014 season. “A Change of Season” is the theme and includes the work of twenty regional artists, some of who have previously exhibited at the venue along with some new faces. Concurrently, Maine artist Kathleen Galligan has a one-person exhibition in the dock level gallery.

Curator, Mary Harding explains that the “change of season” theme isn’t just about moving into the winter months, but about all of our “season” and how we adapt and embrace change and new things.

Spring, summer, fall and winter are all represented through landscapes, still life, and figures enjoying various activities. A large garden view titled “Entering Path of Memories” by York artist Michael Walek, is blazing with floral colors reminding us of the peak of summer gardens. One can almost hear the sounds of splashing and play in Grant Drumheller’s large “Swimming Cove,” or the crack of a baseball bat in Louise Bourne’s “The Steal.” Portsmouth artist, Lisa Noonis has also captures the height of summer in her paintings that include views of York Harbor and Rye beaches.

Tom Curry has a number of fresh views of Maine islands, boats and harbors. More abstracted compositions by Richard Keen suggest hulls of ships cutting through the water. Brett X. Gamache’s “Fisherman Rowing” is another take on a familiar scene – a bright yellow dingy is rowed silently below the cliffs of a harbor.

A group theme exhibition is an opportunity to introduce new artists to the gallery. Tom Driscoll from Wilmot, New Hampshire is exhibiting three collage and mixed media paintings. Portland artist Jenny Potter Scheu’s watercolor, Prismacolor and gouache on paper pieces bring more color and pattern to the show. York artist Martha Hesse is also exhibiting for the first time. Her “Hidden Tomato” and “Hawaii Orchid” are some of the first things one sees upon entering the gallery.

“This is a chockablock show! There is something for everyone to enjoy,” commented a recent visitor. Despite the number and variety of pieces, it is not overcrowded and there is an easy flow from one piece to the next. Other exhibiting artists are Todd Bezold, Arthur DiMambro, Ann Trainor Domingue, Kate Emlen, Rosalind Fedeli, Paul Heroux, Madeleine Hopkins, MaJo Kelleshian, Kathi Smith, and Susan Wahlrab.

“Intersections” is the title of Kathleen Galligan’s one-person exhibition. The artist is well known for her expansive landscapes in pastels and oils often with the perspective of from above. Drawing from both memory and being on location, her views are mostly void of man-made objects and focus on the purity and fragility of nature. The moods of these paintings vary from mysteriously foreboding to light-infused optimism. In addition to her landscapes, this exhibition presents recent explorations in themes and media, thus giving further insight to this committed artist.

Both exhibitions continue with regular hours through December 21 and then by chance and appointment during the winter months. Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 1-4. 140 Lindsay Road, York, Maine.


Farnsworth and Everyman Rep Present Shakespeare Scenes


On Saturday, December 13, the Farnsworth Art Museum will host the Everyman Repertory Theatre for a program of readings from a selection of Shakespeare’s plays. The program, which is in conjunction with the museum’s current Shakespeare exhibition, will take place in the museum’s Crosman gallery, beginning at 1 p.m.

Join actors from the Everyman Repertory Theatre for readings from selected Shakespeare scenes, depicted in the current exhibition Edwin Austin Abbey’s Shakespeare: From the Yale University Art Gallery. These dramatic readings will take place in the exhibition gallery and will draw from major Shakespearean works including King Henry IV, Part II, King Lear, Othello, Hamlet and Twelfth Night. Paul Hodgson, Artistic Director of Everyman Rep, commented: “The scenes chosen are iconic: the explosion of jealousy in Othello, the carousing and recruiting in Henry IV, the play scene in Hamlet, the persecution of Malvolio from Twelfth Night, the division of the kingdom and the seeds of tragedy in King Lear.” The participating actors will include David Greenham, Paul and Jennifer Hodgson, Abby Norman, Jeri Pitcher and David Troup.

The Everyman Repertory Theatre is a not for profit professional theatre company committed to bringing live theatre to the people of midcoast Maine. Its mission statement is: “Collaboration. Creation. Catharsis. Excellence in professional theatre in the greater Penobscot Bay region”. In late February, Everyman will again be partnering with the Farnsworth for a main-stage production of Arlene Hutton’s As It Is in Heaven— a play that examines a fictional Shaker community in 1830 Kentucky. Information regarding the production will be available at

This program is free with museum admission. No reservations are necessary. For more information please visit or call the Everyman Repertory Theatre at (207) 236-0173

Debbie Casterlin “Bare in the Botanicals” at Summer Island Studio

Debbie Casterlin a local artist from Brunswick will be showing the month of December at Summer Island Studio – Gallery of Fine Artisans located in the heart of downtown Brunswick in the Tontine Mall. A reception will be held on Saturday December 13th from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Wine, cheese and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Call Patti at 373-1810 for more information.

about Debbie CasterlinThe name of the show is going to be “Bare in the Botanicals” and the image is Deb smelling the plum blossoms, in June. Her perspective on artistic freedom, her love of natural beauty, and her appreciation of the botanical world reflect her desire to share her innermost values.

Debbie has spent her entire life creating art, capturing moments with a camera and on canvas. Recognized for her artistic talent at a young age she has been commissioned to create art for public institutions and private individuals.

Though she works in many mediums with an eclectic subject range, some of her best known works are acrylics done in a realistic style.

Winter Festivities in Downtown Belfast Kicks off First Weekend in December


Photograph by Neal Parent, Parent Gallery

Come kick off the holidays in downtown Belfast with festive cultural and retail enticements the weekend of December 5th and 6th! With two evenings of art openings and street performances as part of Belfast Art’s special holiday art walk offerings, the monthly First Friday Contra Dance, and Our Town Belfast’s annual Early Bird Sale and Tree Lighting events on Saturday, the whole family can have fun ringing in this joyful season.

On Friday the 5th, Betts Gallery at the Belfast Framer on Main Street will have an Opening Reception for Wrap-up the Holidays, a show of small works by 25 area artists from 5:30 – 8:00 p.m. Waterfall Arts’ handmade art and craft gift show will have an opening reception from 5 – 8 pm. Street performers will punctuate the downtown, and the evening will continue with the Belfast Flying Shoes 9th Birthday Celebration Contra Dance at the Belfast American Legion Post, featuring the three-member band Crowfoot with caller Adina Gordan and a celebration cupcake tower.

Saturday morning December 6th, Belfast wakes up for its annual Early Bird Sale from 6 – 9 a.m. where shoppers will find deep discounts in over fifty downtown Belfast shops and restaurants. Retail revelry continues throughout the day and at 4:30 p.m. Santa will arrive at Post Office Square where children and adults alike will sing carols with the Belfast Area High School A-Capella group and enjoy hot cocoa and cookies courtesy of the Belfast Soup Kitchen. The tree will be lit around 5pm with help from Santa himself and a lucky child chosen from among the attendees. Sponsored by Bangor Savings Bank, and hosted in partnership by Our Town Belfast and Belfast Parks & Recreation, the tree lighting is being brought back to its traditional location at Post Office Square this year, adding to the old fashioned Christmas spirit.

On Saturday night holiday shoppers can be sure find something to delight a loved one during Belfast Arts Art Walk from 5:30-8pm. Betts GalleryWrap-Up The Holidays, Åarhus - Holiday Extravaganza, Maine Farmland Trust GalleryFrolicking Fiber Fiesta Holiday Art Show, and Waterfall Arts Handmade Art/Craft/Gift Show all have shows highlighting local made, affordable, handcrafted gifts. Harbor Artisans Artist Cooperative is raffling off a number of their local, hand-made works throughout most of December, the proceeds of which will help support the Waldo County Interfaith Fuel Fund.

The Belfast Creative Coalition and Our Town Belfast encourage the community to come out in support of local shops and galleries this holiday season. Supporting Belfast area businesses is easy to do when there are so many opportunities for fun and festivity this December downtown!

Artist Reception at The Sohns Gallery and Plaid Friday

Sohns Gallery

On Friday December 5th at 6:30 p.m. come meet the artists and see the works they have created. Twenty nine different local artists were selected to create small works on wooden panels provided by the Sohns Gallery. This has resulted in 83 diverse small pieces of original art. There will also be music by The Great Red Line.

And do not forget Plaid Friday this Friday. We offering 10% off to all customers in plaid!

The Sohns Gallery is located in The Rock and Art Shop at 36 Central St. in Downtown Bangor.

Ocean House invites all to Holiday Show

Ocean House Gallery & Frame

Please join Ocean House Gallery & Frame in Cape Elizabeth for our Holiday Show, Saturday, December 6th from 5 to 8 p.m.!

The 2014 Holiday Show features artwork by Catherine Adelman, Chris Beneman, Kimberly Crichton, Sukie Curtis, Jeff Epstein, Ralf Feyl, Tanya Fletcher, Clint Fulkerson, Brita Holmquist, John Knight, Caren-Marie Michel, Dylan Metrano, Liz Moberg, Alex Rheault, Jenny Scheu, Carter Wentworth, Graham Wood, and Jeff Woodbury

Also, framed mirrors and 20% off custom framing now through the end of the year!

Whimsical Fiber Art at Maine Farmland Trust Delights Young and Old

Jill Hoy at Maine Farmland Trust Galleryoil painting by Jill Hoy

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery’s Frolicking Fiber Fiesta is a colorful holiday show with a bounty of treasures for fiber art lovers, along with paintings to match their style. The arts and crafts on display range from high-end, fanciful wall hangings to cleverly repurposed feed bags – catering to any budget and perfect for that special gift.


recycled feed bags by Julia Ventresco

The show is a true feast for the senses: color, texture, playfulness and detail abound. The artist line-up includes local, award winning fiber artist and international exhibitor, Dianne Hire, better described as “quilter extraordinaire”; Leia Scotton, a successful young painter in MFT Gallery’s stable, now coming out as closet fiber artist; Nora Flanagan, quilted pillow queen from Belmont; Julia Ventresco, who has turned recycling into a fashion, with classy shoulder bags made from repurposed feed bags; Willy Reddick, with felted wooly animals too cute to resist; Karen Olson, jewelry maker gifted with a subtle touch; Karen Kulberg, with a fabric inspired series in encaustics; Jude Valentine, pastel artist and sublime silk painter; Sandra Covington, with do-it-yourself needlepoint canvases and Christmas ornaments; and Leslie Anderson and Jill Hoy, oil painters with a flair for color and movement. Finally, painters Christopher O’Connor and Sarah Wilde revisit MFT Gallery’s walls with one canvas each to round out the show.

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery

quilts by Dianne Hire

Says Hire about her quiltmaking: “To stretch the rules and locate fresh boundaries is my desire. I am a colorist who intuitively responds to the joyful way colors intermingle. I require vibrancy to speak out but never shout – yet boldly sing. That song is interpreted in fiber, strings, strong design and intense vitality of color.”

Scotton’s fabric collages are pieced-together strands of history. Almost every component in each of her pieces is at least a decade old; some fifty years old, some much older. Scotton says: “Just holding them, I feel connected to the people who had them before me, and I try to keep that alive by giving these scraps and odds and ends new life in my artwork.”

Leia Scotton at Maine Farmland Trust Gallery

detail from fiber collage by Leia Scotton

Frolicking Fiber Fiesta will be on display from November 21st through January 5th. Maine Farmland Trust Gallery is located at 97 Main Street and open Monday through Friday (not on holidays) from 9 – 4. In addition, the gallery will be open Friday December 5th from 5:30 – 8 p.m. Saturday December 6th the gallery will be open from 6 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. for Belfast’s Early Bird Sale (all items discounted!), and during the Art Walk and Tree Lighting later that evening, 5:30 – 8 p.m., the gallery will host a festive reception for all.
More information on MFT Gallery can be found at or by contacting Gallery Coordinator Anna Abaldo at .

Maine Farmland Trust is a statewide non-profit organization working to keep Maine’s farms farming. Maine Farmland Trust created its gallery to celebrate art in agriculture, and to inspire and inform the public about farming in Maine. For more information on the Trust, visit

Share the Wonder with the Farnsworth


In conjunction with Rockland’s Festival of Lights the Farnsworth Art Museum will be presenting the ninth annual Share the Wonder holiday celebration.This year’s Share the Wonder traditional seasonal display at the Wyeth Center will once again include holiday art and artifacts built around a magnificent model train set. The unique model train installation in the Wyeth Center features two trains traveling through a terrain of familiar landmarks from the midcoast area. The handsome Lehmann LGB model train and accompanying scenery of Rockland and Camden was a gift from Charles and Julie Cawley in 2004. In addition to the one-day Share the Wonder Celebration, the Farnsworth will present programming throughout the month of December. All programs are free with museum admission unless noted.

  • Tuesday, December 2, 3-4 p.m., Oceanside East Chorus, in the museum library
  • Friday, December 5, 2-4 p.m., Tom Ulichny of Midcoast Music Academy, in the museum rotunda
  • Sunday, December 7, 1-3 p.m., Penobscot Bay Ringers, in the museum library
  • Saturday, December 13, 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m., Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop (pre-registration required)
  • Sunday, December 14, 2-3 p.m., Suomalaiset Jouset, Finnish lap harp ensemble, in the museum library
  • Sunday, December 14, 6-8 p.m., Holiday Card Making at Fog with the [Collective]. Please note that this event will take place at the Fog Bar & Cafe, 328 Main Street in Rockland. No admission fee is required.
  • Wednesday, December 17, Noon, Music @ Noon, in the museum library (Tickets available through Bay Chamber Concerts.)
  • Thursday, December 18, 11:30 a.m. – 12:45 p.m., Oceanside West Honors Choir, in the museum library.
  • Tuesday, December 30, 1-3 p.m. Sruli and Lisa Family Klezmer Party, including traditional music and dance of Eastern Europe.

For more information on any of these events or programs, please contact the museum’s Special Events Manager Annie Brown at (207) 596-6457 ext.143. To register for the Gingerbread House Decorating Workshop please contact our Education Coordinator Kelly Finlay at


Mars Hall Celebrates “Yuletide in St. George”

Carl Sublett at Mars Hall Gallery

“Red Barn” by Carl Sublett

Mars Hall will celebrate the holiday season as part of the “Yuletide in St. George” annual festival. The gallery offers a large variety of gift items including handmade soaps and honey products from Stone House Road Apiary, handmade cards by Ken Martin and Eleanor Zuccola, driftwood fish by Claire Perry, decoupage jewel boxes by Davene Fahy, carved & painted decoys by Stephen Hill, turned & carved vessels by Dick Kelly, handmade Kozo paper Masks by Diane Green Hebert, mixed media sculpture by Jay Hoagland, Bill Cook, Priscilla Cross, Constance Kiermaier and Elaine Niemi, the Recycled Zoo by Brian Read, as well as knit scarves, mosaic lamps, antique negative mirrors, stained glass, pottery and a wonderful selection of vintage jewelry, antiques and collectibles.

An eclectic mix of ART is available by watercolorists Leo Brooks, Nat Lewis, Elaine Reed and Carl Sublett, mixed media botanicals by Linda Funk, oil & acrylic paintings by Nancy Baker, Kris Johnson, Roger Kirby, Sharon Larkin, Elaine Niemi, Jimmy Reed, Holly Smith, Cali Vielleux, Barbara Major-Weaver and Ron Weaver and black and white photography by Antonia Small and Ken Martin. Martin will also be exhibiting silkscreen and wood block prints. Work by guest artists is also available.

The gallery is located 12.7 miles down the beautiful St. George peninsula at 621 Port Clyde Road in Martinsville. For more info call (207) 372-9996 or (207) 372-8194 or visit or

Carver Hill Gallery opens “Cache Bar: Good Things in Small Packages”



blown glass ornaments by David Jacobson

Carver Hill Gallery, 338 Main Street in Rockland, announces “CACHE BAR: Good Things in Small Packages”. Participating artists include Anneli Skaar (beautiful tiny paintings in glass frame boxes), Ingrid Ellison (lovely layered paintings and collages informed by nature), Austin Smith (contemporary hand-cast porcelain with screen printed nautical charts), David Jacobson (blown glass ornaments), Kitty Winslow (dreamy paintings of the outside), Julia Dickenson (pearl, semi precious stone and gold/silver jewelry), Steve Gleasner (the coolest – and probably only – wood mugs you have ever seen) and MORE!

Gallery Hours are Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information visit or call (207) 594-7745.

Art Space Gallery Opens “Bottles” December 5th


“Breakwater Vineyards” by Hannah Nelsbach

Art Space Gallery invites you to an opening reception on First Friday, December 5, from 5 to 8 p.m. Please join us to see new work by all 19 gallery artists.

This month gallery artists were given the challenge to create work with the
theme “Bottles”. Come visit and enjoy the wide interpretation in medium and
style of this interesting subject.

The range of styles and the quality of the artwork by Maine based artists
bring return customers time and again to Art Space Gallery. Join these art
appreciators between 5 and 8 pm on Friday, December 5th, and share a glass
of wine with many of the artists.

Art Space Gallery is located at 342 Main Street in Rockland, directly across
the street from the Strand Theatre. December hours are Friday and Saturday
from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information on the Gallery and our artists,
visit us at


“My Big Beautiful Blue Bottle” by Joan Wright

Deer Isle Artists’ Association opens “Small Works”


bracelet by Cathy Hart

The Deer Isle Artists’ Association wraps up its season with “Small Works”. Regular hours for the show are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The show will run through Sunday, December 21, at 5:00 p.m.

As its name implies, the show features an eclectic assortment of art that can easily be handled.  Glass, pottery, painting, jewelry, etc. will all be represented in the show.

DIAA member artists participating in the show include Eileen Ahern,

Darwin Davidson, Jackie Davidson , Linda Deming, Dorothy Doubleday, Mary Eaton , Jill Finsen,  Sara Forster,  Cathy Hart, Sam Jones, Kathleen Kriegman, Mary Bracy Martin, David McBeth , Olive Savage , Cindy Simonds, Paul Trowbridge, Oscar Turner, Pat White, and Anne Williams.

Guest artists include Marcie Amory, Larry Cassis, Greg Woods.


“Nuthatch” by Linda Deming

First Friday Artwalk in Historic Gardiner

The Artdogs on facebook

On Friday evening, December 5th, Historic Downtown Gardiner will abound with creative energy and good cheer, as Artwalk Gardiner celebrates the culmination of its tenth season. Launched in 2005 by Artdogs™ studios and a small group of area artists, Artwalk Gardiner is comprised of a non-juried group of diverse artists who live and/or work within a twenty-mile radius of downtown Gardiner.

The mission of Artwalk Gardiner is to increase community awareness and appreciation of the visual arts, to encourage interaction with local artists and the public, and to nurture a supportive network that also enhances the local economy. Since its inception, Artwalk Gardiner has drawn hundreds of appreciative visitors to Water Street to enjoy many festive evenings of great art and good cheer.

The December Artwalk will feature the work of dozens of area artists, hosted by Artdogs studios, Circling the Square Fine Art Press, Monkitree, Cre8ive Earth Gallery, SpinOff Studio, Ragamuffins, Johnson Hall, Mainiac Brewing, Healthy Smiles, Founding Farmer’s Community Market, the Co-Lab, and other venues along Water Street.

Participating artists will include Karen Adrienne, Joyce Acheson, Nancy Barron, Priscilla Blatzell, Lynn Braff, Robin Brooks, Ken Carlson, John Carnes, Matt Demers, Janet Favor, Arlene Kelley, Clair Koenig, Kala Ladenheim, Heather Marlow, Peggy Cope Mascher, Norma McDonough, Allison McKeen, Ellen Roberts, Tanya Russell, Marie Spaulding, Mary K. Spencer, Christine Sullivan, Robert Saunders, Diana Willette, Helen Wright, members of SpinOff Studio, students from UMA and the Gardiner Area Boys and Girls Club, and many others.

Hundreds of original artworks including paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, fine art prints, jewelry, pottery, artist’s books, textiles, and other handcrafted items will be available for sale throughout the downtown. Kala Ladenheim and Robert Saunders will give demonstrations in their studio at the Co-Lab and members of Circling the Square Fine Art Press will offer printmaking demonstrations at Circling the Square Fine Art Press. Children’s activities, live seasonal music and free refreshments will round out the festivities, making this an event that the whole community can enjoy. For more information about Artwalk Gardiner, please contact Sarah Miller at (207) 712-9734, email, or find us on Facebook.