Jean Kigel showing “Eastern Views”

“Homarus Lafite. .” by Jean Kigel

Jean Kigel invites the public to an opening 5 – 7 p.m. Friday Aug. 2 for “Eastern Views” at River Arts West Gallery in Damariscotta. Kigel’s signature work, “Homarus Lafite Rothschild 1961” represents her playful side, following in her tradition of painting the iconic lobster. Over the years Kigel has painted more than 30 lobsters, selling them through Woodward Gallery in Manhattan, Hunter Gallery in Grafton, Vermont, and Archipelago in Rockland.  Kigel also depicts the coast of Maine with scenes painted during her kayak excursions. New this year, are fresco liquid tempera paintings from her Bowdoin pine series.  In these paintings Kigel uses richly saturated colors and layered textures combining techniques of Asian brush and watercolors.  Paintings will be on exhibit through Wed., Aug. 14.


Studio 53 shows “Lynne Seitzer: “Moments in time…”

“Crowd Controll” by Lynne Seitzer

Studio 53 Fine Arts Gallery of Boothbay Harbor invites the public to an opening 5 – 8 p.m. Fri. Aug. 2 for “Lynne Seitzer: “Moments in time…” When Lynne Seitzer looks out onto the world, she has the unique gift of capturing the stories of humanity and transcribing them into images on canvas.  Her show includes 13 of these paintings that illustrate her keen eye and deft brush. In some of the paintings, as in “Stripes”, the viewer feels as though he or she is right there and can almost hear the laughter of the child caught in the act of a joyful, impromptu dance.  Other paintings feel a bit as if you are the witness to an intensely personal encounter.  “Missing You Already” reminds you of all the leave-takings in which you knew you would be counting the minutes before being together again.  You can almost feel the heat of the subway car in “Squeeze” and the rumble of traffic in “Mannequins”.  Lynne’s work brings the sea of humanity in Manhattan into focus by capturing what happens in a blink of an eye.  Look back and the moment has passed.  Fortunately, the canvases remain and we can look back again and again. For more information call 633-7025.


Stadler Gallery exhibiting Fred Dearnley and Lucia Swallow

Fred Dearnley

The Stadler Gallery in Kingfield at 225 Main Street is pleased to announce the exhibitions of Fred Dearnley of New Vineyard, and Lucia Swallow of Farmington.  They will be on view from Aug. 3 to Aug. 22 daily. Dearnley’s exhibition of photographs, entitled “Talking to the Universe,” is a visual conversation about his understanding of the physical world and how he is relating to it.  He has always been interested in the way we see, what kind of images we are attracted to, and the interrelationship between form and function. Swallow studied art through courses at the University of Maine in Farmington where she worked as a Licensed Clinical Counselor.  Her course work included painting, drawing, sculpture, pottery, photography and art history. There will be an Artists’ Reception 2 – 5 p.m. Sat. Aug. 10. For more information visit

PicassoWhat opens in Rockland

PicassoWhat, a new gallery in Rockland invites the public to an opening 5 – 8 p.m., Friday, Aug 2, during the Rockland Art walk. “Summer on Silk,” is an exhibit of large scale textile paintings by Georgian-born artist Gigi Aea (now a resident of Camden). “My relationship with the environment goes well beyond celebrating its beauty,” confirmed Gigi Aea. “My art reflects my vision of how all living things communicate. I strive to gain access into the deeper existence of the world through my illusions or visions and render them in paint. I paint because some things are simply too deep and trying to capture them in words only obscures their true meaning.” The exhibtion runs through September 8th. For more information call 345 0838.

Maine Art Gallery news


Maine Art Gallery in Wiscasset is showing “Coastal Spirits” an exhibit of artworks by New England artists that runs until Aug. 25. There will be an Artist’s Talk Aug. 3, 2 p.m. where New York City and Boothbay artist Marcia Annenberg will speak about her art, it’s message and meanings.   Also on exhibit are Annenberg’s minimalist Maine produced works.  This talk is free and open to the public.  A Call For Artists ends August 10. “Illustrated Passages” a popular exhibit at the Maine Art Gallery will be juried by artist and author Sandra Dutton.  Submissions with their “Title” of a short quotation can be done online at

Pearl Street Open Studios in Camden

Several artists on Pearl Street in Camden are collaborating to host their 1st annual Pearl Street Open Studios event, Saturday and Sunday Aug. 3 and 4. Their studios will be open to the public Saturday from 10-5pm and Sunday 10am-2pm. Participating artists include painter Ingrid Ellison and belt crafter Andrea Combes, who will welcome visitors at Ellison’s carriage house studio at 13 Pearl Street. Encaustic artist Mike Rich will open his studio across the street at 16 Pearl Street. The weekend will be an excellent chance to meet and visit with the artists as well as explore their amassed works old and new. In addition to the artwork, the artists have interesting gardens to visit. Light refreshments will be served. Also of Pearl Street, renowned photographer Tillman Crane will be hosting his annual Open Studio Weekend August 3rd and 4th from 10 am-5pm at his gallery/studio, 22 Pearl Street, Camden. His Open Studio will feature Platinum printing demonstrations and lots of new work.  For more information call 701-1245

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery “Intimacy of Place” Grand Opening Reception

“Schoodic Forest” by Jude Valentine

Maine Farmland Trust Gallery in Belfast invites the public to a Grand Opening Reception 5:30 – 8 p.m. Friday July 19, for “Intimacy of Place” and to celebrate MFTG’s recent major renovation. “Intimacy of Place” exhibits new watercolors, oils and pastels by Joseph Fiore (1925-2008), photography by Johan Selmer-Larsen, pastels by Jude Valentine, and pastels and gouaches by John Woolsey.

How do we look at nature, a farm, a dirt road leading into the woods? Do we observe it from the outside, as though we are separate from it – or can we take a step in and enter it? It’s when we get lost in nature, or paradoxically, when we get so familiar with a particular place that it becomes part of us, like the farmer with her field, that we experience that sense of intimacy of place.

It is with this intention of intimacy with the land that each of the artists in this show has stepped deep into the landscape: not looking to capture a grand view from afar, but to get up close and personal with a rock, a path, a particular tree or pond. In their own way, each artist attempts to find a voice that speaks through color, light, a rough line or careful composition about the sheer being of nature: the nature that, even in its simplest presentation remains grand, embodying life itself.

There is an invitation here: to contemplate walking on Joseph Fiore’s Cow Path, where the tender spring light filters in through the leaves and dapples the ground; or to sit on Jude Valentine’s moss-covered rock, resting in the middle of the forest, becoming one with the surrounding silence.

While John Woolsey’s swift pastel strokes invoke the untamable wilderness of the Maine woods, the closeness with his subject (often one rock, a tree) creates a micro lens through which every little detail seems noted.

For Johan Selmer-Larsen, entering nature with his camera is like going on a journey of discovery. He favors places that exude a quiet melancholy. “The places I photograph in central Maine are like an understatement compared to the more dramatic coast. There’s no spectacle here: it’s just the land itself.”

These images slow us down, invite us to pause and enter the scene with all of our senses – even ruminate on our own favorite places and well-worn paths, both current and of long-ago. They invite us to remember our own connection with the land and how we, too, like the farmer’s seedlings, spring from this earth and have a place here.

With “Intimacy of Place,” Maine Farmland Trust Gallery aims to honor the rural land of Maine in its own right, and add a poetic voice to the human hands that tend it with such care. “Intimacy of Place” runs through Sept.3, for more information and to see a slide show, visit

DIAA opening “Essence”

“Stillife” by Jill Finsen

The Deer Isle Artists Association current exhibition “Mart” is the first of two large member exhibitions held this summer, and runs through July 24. DIAA invites the public to an Opening Reception 5 – 7 p.m. Friday, July 26, for “Essence,” an exhibition representing the work of 30 member artists and a broad spectrum of media. The gallery is located at 15 Main Street in Deer Isle village.  For more information call the gallery at 348-2330.

Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay Harbor opens two shows

“Small Kingdom” by Carole Hanson

Gleason Fine Art in Boothbay Harbor opens two new shows with a public reception 5 – 7 p.m. Thursday July 18. “Jane Dahmen: Through the Trees” feature paintings inspired by the artist’s walks along the Damariscotta River, and “Carole Hanson: Small Kingdom,” shows small-scale sculptures of animals. As the rare woman in a pursuit that has naturally fallen mostly to males, Bremen resident Carole Hanson has developed her own niche as a sculptor of large-scale stone pieces. In a change of pace, for her summer show “Small Kingdom,” Hanson has focused her attention on creating a series of delightful, smaller scale animal sculptures. Jane Dahmen draws her inspiration from the coastal rivers, rolling fields, and woods of her Newcastle, Maine, home: “My ideas begin in the natural world, but once a work is underway, the paint itself on the flat surface takes on a life of its own. Rather than seeking to reproduce a scene, I am attempting to open my senses to an environment.” Both shows run through August 17, for more information visit

High Street Studio and Gallery collaboration demonstration

Floral collaboration

High Street Studio and Gallery in Belfast invites the public to an Opening Reception
5-8 p.m. Friday July 26. Artists Susan Tobey White and Jeanne Dawson will be giving a demonstration of collaborative painting where both artists paint on the same canvas. Susan and Jeanne began their collaborations several years ago. Jeanne tends to use thick layers of paint from the tube while Susan enjoys the surprise results of accidental layering of glazes. Their techniques combined create a result they could never achieve on their own. Over the years they have found they enjoy setting up a floral arrangement then use it as a common inspiration. Jeanne and Susan will often paint flowers that are not in the arrangement to add to the balance of color and texture that they desire. They recognize this process is a special relationship that not all could achieve and consistently learn from each other. For more information visit

Travels Down East And Beyond: New Work by Margaret La Farge and Valerie Aponik

Margaret La Farge and Valerie Aponik

Tunk Mountain Arts & Crafts William D Sherar Gallery in Cherryfield, Maine will host a new exhibit July 6 through August 11.    Travels Down East and Beyond presents new work by Margaret La Farge and Valerie Aponik .  There will be an opening reception at the gallery on  Saturday , July 6  from 3 to 7pm.  Gallery Hours are Thursday through Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 12-4.   Gallery owner Cynthia Huntington can be reached at 207-546-8948 for more information.

Margaret La Farge lives and works along the coast in downeast Maine.  A graduate of RISD, she has worked as an artist/illustrator for over four decades. Her watercolor paintings are detailed and intricately rendered seeking to capture the beauty and spirit of place.  Travels Down East and Beyond focuses on impressions from trips to the Arctic and the Big Island of Hawaii as well as works from Downeast and Maritime Canada.  This show represents her perceptions of those unique and diverse environments.  To view more of her work visit

Valerie Aponik is a plein air painter living on Great Wass Island, Maine.  Her oil paintings use color and form to capture a moment, showing the hand of the artist, seeking to evoke that place with paint and a fresh eye.   Her new work is from a painting trip to Provence, France.   “The Provencal light, color and landscape were so exciting to paint.   These oil studies will continue to be a source for future work.    My work Downeast is inspired by the landscape and the working waterfront.”   Visit


“Circo D’Alessio” opening Friday in Bar Harbor

Russell D’Alessio with work in progress

The D’Alessio Gallery in Bar Harbor invites one and all to a festive opening 6 – 9 p.m. Friday July 5 for “Circo d’Alessio” during Bar Harbor’s First Friday Art Walk. “Circo d’Alessio” is Dedham/Bar Harbor artist Russell D’Alessio’s celebration of the human condition within the metaphor of the circus. Music will be provided by Christopher Paradis and side show acts will be performed by Andrew Simon.

The opening, complete with champagne toast, features an old fashioned unveiling of D’Alessio’s latest work “The Three Rings.” The acrylic on canvas painting is a triptych spanning three six-by-five foot panels measuring 15 feet overall. D’Alessio considers it his most significant work to date in both size and scope.

“I’d like everyone to come and see it and leave delighted and enchanted – it’s about the visual potency and drama of the circus,” says D’Alessio. “My artistic quest to is to enchant and to bridge the abstract with the familiar, to create imagery that stimulates the imagination and present a creative reality.”

Painting from his studios on the Upper Dedham Road and on Cottage St. in Bar Harbor, D’Alessio’s art displays chromatic and thematic richness.  His choice of subjects have been strongly influenced by a zest for life, and creating color and movement.  His quirky sense of humor brings out the occasional whimsy and his sensitivity for the human form allows him to create rich and enchanting figures.

Russell and wife Linda D’Alessio are a specialized team. He does all the painting and she does almost everything else – running the family gallery in Bar Harbor, meeting clients and dealing with show deadlines, plus email, newsletters, and website updates. Together since high school, they have raised a family, planted gardens, kayaked the local bays, and created and sold lots of colorful art.

To D’Alessio, the sense of Maine magic and the experience of his travels persist in each of his works; he begins painting from the abstract and finds his way to the figurative. His signature works are paintings and drawings of women engaging in the mysteries and the unexpected joys life brings, sisters, girlfriends, the women we know and love.

“Circo d’Alessio” is an on-going show until the ringmaster calls “Roll-Up, Roll-Up!” at the D’Alessio Gallery on Mt. Desert St. The D’Alessio Gallery is also a host of Bar Harbor’s upcoming Fashion Night Out, Sept. 5, and popular openings at Bar Harbor First Friday Art Walks. For more information, visit

Truth Art Love at Shaw Jewelry

Shaw Jewelry in Northeast Harbor invites the public to a gallery opening Friday, July 5, from 5—7 pm for “Adele Seronde: An Investigation in Books and Paintings.” Adele has been making art for eight decades and was one of the founders of our beloved Wingspread Gallery. Come celebrate the recent work of this artistic pioneer and indomitable spirit.

Also showing is “Beading: Threading the Needle Between Ancient and Modern.” Beaded Jewelry has been made since ancient times. We have collected virtuoso modern pieces that show innovative form derived from historic techniques. Featured are by Ashka Dymel, Elizabeth Farber, Thea Fine, Jacqueline Johnson, Kathy King, Susan Kinzig, Seung-Hea Lee, and  Lauren Schlossberg. For information visit

Colby Museum of Art opening “The Lunder Collection”

“Girl in a Hammock” by Winslow Homer

The Colby Museum of Art is opening an exhibition “The Lunder Collection” Saturday July 13. In 2007 Peter and Paula Lunder, longtime benefactors of Colby College, promised their collection of more than 500 works of art to the Colby College Museum of Art. The Lunder Collection: A Gift of Art to Colby College, commemorates the formal transfer of this extraordinary gift to Colby. The exhibition presents more than 280 works from the Lunder Collection and showcases the collection’s strengths in 19th and 20th-century American and contemporary art.  For more information visit

Betts Gallery opens “Carol Sloane: Marking the Water”

“Belfast Pilings” by Carol Sloane

Betts Gallery in Belfast invites the public to an opening reception 5:30 – 8 p.m. Friday July 5, during the Belfast Artwalk, for “Carol Sloane: Marking the Water.” The artist poses some questions in this work about water and asks “Do you play in the bathtub? Watch your clothes wash in the Laundromat? Park for a picnic by a riverbank? Watching water run is mesmerizing. These paintings are markers of my experience.”  The show runs through July 28. For more information, call 338-6465 or visit

Isalos showing John Woolsey, Barbara Brady and Rebecca Daugherty

“Black Boat Reflection #1” by Rebecca Daugherty

Isalos Fine Art in Stonington will host a public artist’s reception 4 – 7 p.m. Friday, July 5, in conjunction with Stonington Galleries & Studios First Friday. The show features three painters, John Woolsey, Barbara Brady and Rebecca Daugherty. Sedgwick painter Barbara Brady’s abstract oil paintings explore textures and colors through paint and other materials. John Woolsey studied painting with Neil Welliver and will feature a series of gouache paintings and pastels from area islands. For more information visit or call 367-2700.