“Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx” showing at PMA

A 17-foot-tall tower with touch-screen displays at the Portland Museum of Art.

A 17-foot-tall multimedia tower with three levels of alternating imagery is the star of “Voices of Design: 25 Years of Architalx,” an exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art . On view through May 19, the exhibit celebrates the 25th anniversary of Architalx, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides educational programs in the field of architecture and design to the Portland area and throughout Maine.

“We wanted to create a transformational piece,” said John Turk, AIA, principal architect, ttl-architects and Architalx member. “We want people to touch, listen and see so they can make their own connections with the voices and images of top designers who have taken part in 25 years of Architalx lectures.”

The visitors’ touch will create a rippling response of images on a massive scale and connected to the themes: What is Architecture? Authenticity, Culture, Expressive Form, Light, Material & Craftsmanship, Extraordinary in the Ordinary, Optimism, Process, Responsibility, Site, Space, and Structure. In addition, on either side of the tower will be two 10-foot-tall sound portals with thematic audio clips from the Architalx lecture series. Through the use of “holosonic” technology for projecting tight beams of sound, the sound will be heard only by the person or persons in the portals. Voices of Design was designed by Tim Ventimiglia and Jennifer Whitburn, of Ralph Applebaum Associates, New York; the tower was built by Chris Wright and Martin Simpson; and the interactive digital program was designed and programmed by Raphael DiLuzio, Mattias Oostrik, and Stephen Houser.

“As interior designers, we’re passionate about bringing projects to life—the internal heartbeat of a structure,” says Julie Tupper, interior designer, Haworth, and Architalx board member. “It should tickle the senses, inspire, delight and impact someone’s day. This exhibition does all of that and more. It is a powerful experience!”

This exhibition was organized by Architalx for the Portland Museum of Art. For more information visit portlandmuseum.org.