Wiscasset Bay Gallery showing French, British and American Impressionism

“Morning Sail” by Anthony Thieme

Wiscasset Bay Gallery in Wiscasset village has just opened “French, British and American Impressionism,” an exhibition that runs through Sept. 13. On view are period Impressionist scenes of Paris and Saint Tropez along with English countryside landscapes, New York City street scenes, and harbor views of Cape Anne.

Of particular note is a bustling cityscape of Le Pont de la Concorde in Paris with horses and carriages driven by men in black top hats and ladies with parasols by Anotole Eugene Hillairet (French, 1880-1928). A collection of small oils by Nottingham artist William Dennis (British, fl. 1900-1920’s) portrays life from a bygone era. Landscapes of the English countryside with views of the canal locks, figures along a tranquil river, and small villages with poultry feeding in the streets comprise the diverse collections by this British impressionist.

“Le Pont de la Concorde, Paris” by Anotole Eugene Hillairet

Closer to home, American Impressionist Anthony Thieme (1888-1954) filled his large canvas “Morning Sail” with vibrant colors of aqua blue and warm yellows as a white-hulled wooden schooner bustling with passengers prepares to depart in the shimmering morning light. Thieme was one of America’s most successful painters, with a long and prolific career that spanned the first half of the twentieth century. His favorite subjects were the historic fishing ports on the north shore of Massachusetts. His admiration for the gleaming colors and the lyric quality of the marine subjects dominated his style. “The open air is my studio,” Thieme said. “A good landscape painter must paint fast to catch the light of any hour. Unless you know what to put in, what to leave out, the result is a mess.”

Other important American and European artists featured in the exhibition include Frank Benson (American, 1862-1951), John Fulton Folinsbee (American, 1892-1972), Henry Pember Smith (American, 1854-1907), Jean Louis Forain (French, 1852-1931), Penrhyn Stanlaws, (American, 1877-1957), Marcel Vertes (French-Hungarian, 1895-1961), and many others. James Francis Brown (American, 1862-1935) captures a 1920’s flapper with her fur hat and velvet-ribbon in warm, earthen tones in “Portrait of Audrey.” For more information call 882-7682 or visit wiscassetbaygallery.com