Three Turtle Collaborative Studio presents TEXTUREWORK

TEXTUREWORK by Zeraph Dylan Moore

Three Turtle Collaborative Studio in Bangor presents TEXTUREWORK, a series of  abstract paintings by Zeraph Dylan Moore, on November 15 from 5 to 9 pm during the Bangor ArtWalk. The studio is located at 27 State Street at the intersection of State and Harlow Street, in Suite 31.

TEXTUREWORK is focused on exploring the way that paint interacts with textural features of the canvas. The paintings are built on wood or canvas, but layers of paint, papier-mâché, pumice and found objects create a landscape on which paint can play.

Moore is fascinated by the interactions between texture, color, and weathering processes in the natural world and post-industrial environments, and seeks to explore and replicate those processes on the canvas. The work also uses drip painting and iridescent color to bring energy and natural serendipity into the work. The results are colorful, surprising and unusual works.

Singer-songwriter Martin Chartrand will be performing at 6 and 8 pm and delicious refreshments will be served all evening. For more information, contact